List of state leaders in the 15th century BC

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This is a list of state leaders in the 15th century BC (1500–1401 BC).

Africa: Northeast[edit]

Egypt: New Kingdom


Asia: East[edit]


Asia: Southeast[edit]


Asia: West[edit]

  • Sealand Dynasty, rules Sumerian regions south of Babylon, but termed the Second Dynasty of Babylon, List
Epartid dynasty
  • Kutik-Matlat[4], King (c.1500 BC–?)
Kidinuid dynasty
  • Kidinu, King (15th century BC–?)
  • Inshushinak-Sunkir-Nappipir, King (?)
  • Tan-Ruhuratir II, King (15th century BC–?)
  • Shalla, King (?)